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Eco Green Carpet Care Uses Truck-Mounted Steam Cleaning Equipment


What Is Truck-Mounted Steam Cleaning?

Truck mount steam cleaning is a water-based vacuum-extraction cleaning system, more powerful and more effective than solvent-based carpet cleaning. A completely self-sufficient unit runs on unleaded gas from an auxiliary tank on the vehicle. The machine supplies the cleaning solution, heat, pressure and vacuum for the cleaning operation.

The solution tanks, cleaning products and the waste tank are all mounted on the van. The operator does not need an exterior power to carry out the cleaning operation. No buckets of clean and soiled water and solutions will be carried through your building, so the chance of disruption and spillage is greatly reduced.

The operator can change both the pressure and temperature of the cleaning solution and all the dirty water containing the soil is vacuumed into the waste tank mounted on the vehicle.

Utilizing this modern technology the operator can clean almost any surface up to 300 feet from the vehicle with minimum disruption in the premises.

Benefits to You
The truck mount carpet and upholstery cleaning equipment is twenty times more powerful than normal portable electric machines. This results in a vastly superior clean, and means that even the most heavily soiled carpets will usually be dry in less than six hours. The operator can undertake cleaning operations that those using other machines could not even attempt.

All water and soil are extracted outside the building, leaving your carpets and fabrics sparkling and clean and ensuring a much healthier indoor environment. 

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